In all seasons and weather I walk to the water by my home observing the energy of the tides as it plays against the land and changing sky. These paintings are recollections of elemental things filtered through memory.

Putting images together, taking them apart, I allow the images to become resolved with paint. Memory, time and space are part of my vision. In my studio the raw emotion and memory of feelings transform into a dance between the specificity of the landscape and the language of paint. Coming from a tradition of artists whose mentors included Hans Hoffman and Josef Albers my painting is informed by this legacy. Here I consider formal organization and composition, color, the energy of the brushstroke and the hidden layers of paint as vehicles, which translate the landscape into the formal language of painting.

I connect the dots in this vast world of nature from which we have estranged ourselves. If we are stewards of our environment we each must do our part to preserve it for future generations.

The paintings work on two levels. Light and water can be seen as symbols of the spiritual realm, the inner workings of nature. On the physical plane, the viewer is reminded of his or her connection to the natural world and one’s critical relationship with our most important resource, water.